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Live 121 Chat Lines

Young Babes

Her amazing arse cheeks bounce and wobble gelatinously and her young firm breasts move up and down in response to the hard and masculine pumping of Dave's hips.
Tel: 0909 656 1602
Call costs £1.53/min
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Tight Teen Arse

She shudders as the cock nudges inside her tight, sore, little anal muscle. "Oh, ah" she moans, dipping her belly in submission and raising her arse in answer to the thrusting.
Tel: 0908 082 4446
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Cum On My Tits

Horny MILF

Sexy Mature

Pussy juice was running down her hand and slobbering on her inner thighs. An evening breeze blew up her skirt, as if a gentle lover had kissed her ass. She was rocking back on her own finger and tickling her clit.
Tel: 0909 656 1601
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Live 121 Girls

Hands And Knees

We were both covered in sweat and were exhausted. I pulled my still turgid cock from her pussy and it made a loud plopping sound as I did so. Our mixed juices started to roll down Jane's legs.
Tel: 0909 656 1604
Call costs £1.53/min
Domination Sex Chat

Dom Shows You

Good, now come here and try this. I crawled slowly over to her desk and she stood there, staring at my huge cock. I was excited, wondering what it would feel like to fuck her hairy pussy.
Tel: 0909 656 1605
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Sauna Sex

Sex In A Sauna

The steam was all encompassing, giving the room a strange feel. There were other people there but not fully visible. Jane sat on top of my hard cock and tried hard not to make a noise and alert the other occupants.
Tel: 0908 082 6855
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Adult Phonesex

Backdoor Ecstasy
DP Dolly Loves It - 0908 082 4448 - £1.53/min Live
Fucked in both holes at the same time is Dolly's favourite kind of sex. Tonight John and Lee are the two lucky guys. Dolly sat on the train fantasising about what crazy goings on would happen tonight.
Asian Sex Lines
Oriental Massage - 0908 082 9814 - £1.53/min Live
I had never been in a massage parlour before but seeing this beautiful oriental lady in lingerie massaging my stomach was starting to get me aroused.
Big Tits
Big Nipples - 0908 082 9818 - £1.53/min Live
Lucy had the biggest nipples I had ever seen, I mean these things were almost the size of my thumb. I teased the left one with my teeth while my tongue worked it's way all around.
Horny 121 Chat
Live Ebony Teen - 0909 656 1603 - £1.53/min Live
She unbuttoned her blouse and slipped it off. My shorts followed a few seconds later. Her sweet ebony skin and dark nipples gave me an instant hard on. She looked at me whilst she teased her boobs.
Hardcore Chatlines
Young & Blonde - 0909 656 4729 - £1.53/min Live
Only 18 years old, Jane was a horny blonde who had already been with many other guys. I didn't expect someone so young to be so experienced.
Deep Throat
Cum Drinkers - 0909 656 4730 - £1.53/min Live
My spunk was all over her face and dripping onto her boobs, Lisa looked into her eyes as she started to lick my juice off her friend, making sure I saw her swallow every drop.
Spanked To Submission - 0909 656 4731 - £1.53/min Live
I didn't know how much more of this I could take, my arse was bruised from the spanking and I could hardly stand up any longer. "You may sit down, when you are ready to submit", she told me.
Anal Penetration
Straight Anal Action - 0909 656 1296 - £1.53/min Live
I could feel her climax on my cock as I pushed myself deeper into her tight arse. Her tight muscles squeezing and releasing around my member was bringing me to the boil too.
Leather Lingerie - 0908 019 3728 - £1.53/min Live
She stood there in her underwear. I got to my knees and she pushed her groin into my face. The smell of her leather panties and her sexy body was making my cock twitch in my shorts.
Hot n Horny
Teeny Loves Cock - 0982 930 7715 - £1.53/min Live
Sally worked her way along us all, first Paul, then Mike, now was my turn and then Aaron was next. This girl certainly liked to suck cock, and from the look on her face, this was going to be a good night.
Hungry Housewives
Lonely Housewives - 0982 930 7714 - £1.53/min Live
She answered the door wearing just a towel, "come in, the broken tv is in the front room" she said. Ten minutes later I looked up to find she was stood there stark naked, looking at me and rubbing her fingers between her legs.
Horny MILF'S - 0982 930 7712 - £1.53/min Live
Linda bent over right in front of me and I could see her huge boobs almost freeing themselves from her tight blouse. She saw me looking and said "I'm old enough to be your mother", but I couldn't help myself, I just had to fuck her.
Experienced Women
Experienced Sluts - 0982 930 7713 - £1.53/min Live
This was my first time with a prostitute, and I didn't really know what to expect. None of the other girls I had been with were this experienced, I mean this woman really knew her way around a man's body.
Adult Live 121
Teen Live 121 - 0982 930 7702 - £1.53/min Live
I took a long, hot shower and then took my time drying myself off. I took a deep breath before opening the door. Laura was gone. My clothes were on her sofa, neatly folded.